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Shooter-Yellow Lab- All of our puppies have been Sired by him

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Grace- Fox Red Lab - Dam
Two Snow White Lab puppies out of Lexi and Shooter
Fox Red Lab puppy out of Shooter and Grace
Snow White Lab Puppy out of Lexi and Shooter
Hinton Hollow Labs
Hinton Hollow Labs
Hinton Hollow Labs
Hinton Hollow Labs

Our labrador Girls

Below are our two Labrador Dams.

Grace, is our five year old Fox Red Labrador and Lexi is our three year old White Labrador.  

Being "ROYALLY" bred, her Labrador heritage is from London, England. Her Labrador ancestors were from the Queens Kennels, who sent one Labrador puppy to a man in Lexington, KY; who operates Bainbridge Labradors. She is as white as a polar bear and as sweet as a baby. We're so lucky to have her.


Lexi is the sweetest and most loving dog. She is very laid back and calm. She has a beautiful white coat; registered still as a yellow labrador but is referred to as a white labrador. She had produced two litters of labrador puppies and they are like little cotton balls you would have to see to believe.

Grace, a Fox Red Labrador,  came to us from North Dakota. She is a very loving and energetic dog. She has a lean frame and a beautiful American Labrador head. She has the same bloodline as Riks Risky Raider (grandfather) and Helms Point Doctor. 


Rik's Risky Raider's accomplishments include :Five for five consecutive qualifications in 1997 to earn his AKC Senior Title; Five for five consecutive qualifications in 1998 to earn his AKC Master Title; Five for six consecutive qualifications in 1998 to earn his NAHRA Master Title; APLA Grand Master Pointing Lab Title; 2001 US Open Pheasant Champion; Numerous 1st and 2nd placements in state and local upland competitions. Raider was also one of the first six pointing labs inducted to the APLA Hall of Fame in 2011.


Point Doctor had it all! Great nose, strong natural point and possibly the most intelligent dog. Grace is the granddaughter of Helm's Point Doctor Pt (2004 Outdoor Life cover dog). He was bred into the famous Kellogg line of pointing labradors to produce the "signature series" of pointing labradorss (ie. labradors with stylish high heads and stylish high tails).  


We are breeders of Fox Red English Labrador puppies. Fox Red Labs are AKC registered yellow. We primarily focus on breeding the the English style Labradors but in some litters we will breed the American Fox Red Labradors with the English Labrador. The result with the mix of the 2 styles have been pretty amazing. You still get the athletic body and hunting drive of the American Labrador but a blocky head and laid back personality. It allows you to truly get the best of both worlds in our labradors. Our labradors have been tested and approved from hip and eye problems. Plus we DO NOT LINE BREED!!!


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